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-80% of headaches are related to muscle tension, 10% sinus related (NSR works great for this!), and 10% are migraine related.

-Migraine headaches are often caused by artery or nerve entrapment (often by muscle or bone) which can cause swelling on the brain.

-Headaches are often caused by the entrapment of nerves found at the top of the spine which can send pain into the head and face.

-Chronic headaches can cause teeth grinding and lead to expensive dental surgery.

-There are treatment options for patient’s who have experienced previous head trauma-concussion, whiplash, fall, etc.

-Their may be dietary/vitamin deficiencies or triggers that may be causing the patient’s headaches.

-Chronic headaches may lead to vertigo which can be treated by special vertigo maneuvers.

-Your work and home environment may be causing your headaches.

-Compression of the bones in your skull may be causing your headaches.



-We are the only clinic in Fort Worth with a Cranio-mandibular Head, Neck, and Facial Pain Specialist!

-We use research based manual therapy techniques in order to correct the biomechanical cause of the patient’s headaches.

-Our treatment options are unmatched (only clinic in DFW to offer NSR) and designed specifically for headache sufferers!

-The specialist can use the imaging (MRI etc.) to help develop a plan of care. However, in most cases, the imaging is not required due to the special testing performed.

-A thorough exam is performed with emphasis on the patient’s symptoms, history, and special tests.

-We tailor the plan of care to the biomechanical cause of the patient’s headaches.

-We strive to find a permanent solution to the patient’s headaches.

-We believe in educating our patients on home activities/techniques in order to maintain the progress the patient has made in the program.

A Doctor of Physical Therapy will perform a thorough history and examination of your injuries in order to see if Ried Physical Therapy would benefit you.

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