DFW Winner

Voted Best Physical Therapy by Fort Worth Star-Telegram

"The therapy has been great for improving my mobility and reducing the pain I felt after my injury to very minimal levels. Dr. Ried and his staff have done an excellent job helping me through the process and improving my understanding of how to maintain my body to prevent further issues and mitigate any pain." - Daniel Sakson

"Wow! What can I say but thank you, thank you, thank you! My neck had become so painful that I could hardly move. After working with Dr. Meredith Lymer, I am now able to do normal acivities and move better than I have in years. I just thought my neck issues were a part of my aging. I now have learned so many exercises and stretches to do to keep my neck free of pain. I am so grateful for the knowledge, experience, and professionalism of Ried Physical Therapy." - Christie Rose

"I highly recommend Ried Physical Therapy for a patient's needs. The staff is courteous, friendly, professional, and knowledgable! The physical therapist listens to the patients and tailors the therapy to best improve the patient's issues. After 8 weeks of therapy to address bulging discs in my lower back, the pain has been greatly reduced. I can do the activities I like with minimal to no pain. Dr. Ried, Jeff, and especially Meredith, have been a pleasure to have as therapists!" - Dennis Wright 

"Ried Physical Therapy were able to greatly improve my range of motion, stiffness, and decrease my pain. They were also able to restore the range of motion in my neck. They explained exercises thoroughly as well as their purpose. Everyone was so kind and patient. I will  see this practice if I need any form of physical therapy in the future." - Michele Brown

"This was my first time in physical therapy and was feeling lousy when I started. The treatment was very effective for me. I will use Ried Physical Therapy again if needed. The staff were very friendly." - Verlene Page 

"When I started, I couldn't move my neck to the left and one shoulder was lower than the other. Also, I had horrible headaches everyday. They have done a great job. I can turn my neck both ways and my shoulders are level. No more headaches for the last couple of weeks. I really appreciate all they have done for me and would definitely encourage others to come to Ried Physical Therapy." - Linda Lohman

"I came in with difficulty standing up due to back problems that affected my right leg and buttocks. Ried Physical Therapy taught me how to strengthen my muscles - all the pain has gone away and I have renewed flexibility. I feel like the old me - even better. This was a fantastic experience."  - Alan Gallay

"I was facing back surgery with an 8 month rehab. Dr. Ried has helped me so much that surgery is no longer needed. He has a one on one approach that makes all the difference. I highly recommend him." - Janice Richie

"I thought I was on the way to back surgery. I was using a walker to ease the pain when I was up. Dr. Ried was recommended to me by a family member. I feel like I would try anything to avoid surgery. In just a little over a month with treatment I am absolutely free of nerve pain." - Sandy Milner

"I started with a very painful jaw on my right side & difficulty lifting heavy items. Now I am totally without pain. Easy & able to walk up & down stairs - lift heavy objects (small dog) without any problem. Can also sleep comfortably & no pain when I turn from side to side!!" - Jackie Lankton

"Doctor Ried is a REAL physical therapist. I have been through physical therapy many, many times in my life, due to a genetic connective tissue disease that causes severe pain and dysfunction. Since my physical therapy with Doctor Ried began I felt better than I have in many years. I am so glad my pain management doctor referred me to him. I am getting my children and grandchildren in to see Doctor Ried ASAP, before they have too much permanent damage. I wish I could have found him sooner!" - Deana Benham  

"I highly recommend Dr Ried. He is very thorough and knowledgeable in all aspects of physical therapy. I have been to 2 other places for PT and he is by far the best. You can't beat his total hands on approach." - Melanie A. 

"Reid Physical Therapy is an amazing place! You are truly cared for and given one on one care to help in your recovery from any injury. The staff are so kind and will work with your schedule and help when they can! I had an appointment scheduled with a previous doctor in the morning and wasn’t able to come back to squeeze in my appointment Dr. Reid came in an hour early to help work with me! I would definitely recommend Reid Physical Therapy to anyone, they put their patients first!" - Rachel Chadwick 

"I came in for neck/jaw pain that was about 7 out of 10. Since I have been coming to therapy with Dr. Ried, over the last few weeks, I have made great progress. I am now pain free in my neck, shoulder, and jaw. I feel like I'm on the road to success... Pain free. Thanks for your help Dr. Ried!!" - Marquita Coleman

"Thank you for the referral to Dr. Ried. I am able to enjoy eating my meals without pain. I have learned so much about my muscles in my face, neck, and shoulders. This is a perfect and educational experience. I feel so much better since I began therapy. I know I can contact Dr. Ried for anything. It has been a pleasant experience. He and his staff have excellent professional skills." - Sharon Moss

"Dr. Ried has shown me how to stretch muscles in my neck and jaw. Opening and closing is much easier and not as uncomfortable. My main goal is to keep the muscles stretched. He has done a wonderful job." - Karan McElroy

"This has been very helpful and I feel so much better. Dr. Ried and Dr. Allen both worked out my neck issues and helped me learn to keep muscles stretched at home. I plan to continue visiting for maintenance." - Gloria Mendoza

"P.T. has been a great help in reducing my dizziness. I would never have guessed it had to do with neck muscles. Katie is very patient and really good at pin-pointing the exercises needed to reduce the dizziness i had. Three cheers to feeling so much better! Woot Woot!" - Judy Breckenridge 

"I have had a great experience learning exercises that help my jaw & back/neck pain disipate. Dr. Ried and his team did an excellent job massaging and explaining stretches and exercises to do at home, as well as helping me develop body posture awareness." - Diana R. Smith

"Dr. Ried was recommended by my ENT due to some TMJ symptoms. After only a few therapy sessions I was able to open and close my mouth without my jaw popping continually. My range of motion has improved. Dr. Ried educated me with exercises to use at home for continued improvement. My TMJ is manageable due to the expert techniques administered during my treatment." - Patricia Abbe

"The process was well organized thorough knowledge of the sturcture of the jaw muscles. Exercises and hands on therapy helped with the TMJ soreness and healing. Streching helped with my posture and jaw tension." - Doug Boggus 

"My jaw is so much better since working with Dr. Ried. It rarely pops and I have the tools to work it out now. He and his staff were great!" - Jamie Sonders 

"Since Starting PT with Dr. Ried & the team I have learned good habits to utilize in daily life to alleviate any symptoms located in my jaw. The wealth of knowledge broken down into bite-size pieces has really impacted my life! Thank y'all so much!" - Audrey Nathan

"When I first came to see Dr. Ried and his partner I had a very hard case of TMJ. I was unable to eat anything that was not bland or uncooked. I couldin't even brush my teeth without pain. Within about 2 or 3 weeks the pain stopped. Continuing with the treatment I have reached full mobility in my jaw and the pain disappeared completely. I am thankful for their help." - Lisa Nekhom

"I have personally enjoyed my time at Ried Physical Therapy. I first came in with limited jaw movement constricting normal life activities. However, both Nate and Katy, helped regenerate these normal movements and now I am almost back to my regualr daily lifestyle. A big thanks to them both!" - Candace Arebalo

"Upon presenting to Ried Physical Therapy, I was miserable with daily pain preventing me from doing almost anything without significant discomfort. Since physical therapy, my pain has slowly and progressively improved and now experience only occasional mild pain. Couldn't be more happy with the efforts and exercises. Nathan Ried and his staff helped me recover. Many thanks. Would recommend them to anyone needing PT!!" - Dr. Matthew Mittlebron 


"Excellent therapy for my knee replacement surgery. I participated in the exercises and rehab program twice a week for two months with great success. I highly recommend the Ried Therapy program." - Kathy Crater

"I have improved with my back. The staff and Dr. Ried are so so wonderful. Havent felt this good in many years. Thank you so very much." - Carol Reed 

" Dr, Ried is very compassionate and knowledgeable and provides one on one therapy directed at your specific health problems. If an exercise dosent work for you, he will find different ways to help. His PT assistant, Jeff is also caring and provides lots of instruction on ways to strengthen weak muscles and stretch tight ones. Georgina, the receptionst, is very professional and friendly. They make a good team, and their goal is to get you out of pain and teach you ways to keep yourself out of pain." - Susan Head

"When I first came to Ried I was in horrible pain. Dr. Ried & Dr. Katy made me feel welcome & they worked the pain away with hands on. My ankle was a 8-7 now my pain is 0-2. I use the exercises at home that they gave me and they work. Yes I would recommend them. And yes if I ever need therapy I would return. I also love all the staff. " - Carolyn A. Smith

"After 6 weeks of physical therapy I realize this is the best thing I could have done for myself. All of the staff have been wonderful, but also professional. I have very little pain now and more energy than when I first started - 08/08/19. I give all credit to Ried Physical Therapy for the progress I have made." - June Spaulding 

"I have enjoyed my time at physical therapy. My left leg has almost no pain, they worked with me to get me able to walk with no pain. So very happy I was able to come here." - Linda Lohman

"I have improved completely. I feel like I have had the best physical therapist ever. All other P.T  have fell short compared to what I recieved with Dr. Ried. All P.T here have gone the extra mile and I sure can tell." - Steve Swartz 

" I believe I have made progress working with Dr. Ried and Dr. Allen. I have a series of exercises to continue with, to make more progress. I am pleased with my treatment with Ried Physical Therapy." - Lauren Wilson 

" The staff at Ried Physical Therapy were very professional and attentive. Their efforts greatly improved my issues. I really appreciated that they took the time and effort to explain my issues and what they were doing. Thank you to the staff. " - Don Yates 

"I'm mobile again. It took a while but my experience with Dr. Ried has proven to me that my time in his care is not only wise but effective!." - Maribeth Ashley

"I have had therapy several times. Never here at Ried. Impressed with the one on one therapy. Both Drs. were wonderful to work with and seemed really concerned with making sure I was happy. They seemed to really care that I was truly improving." - Leland Hughes 

"This was the best experience I've ever had in my 10+ years of chronic pain. The staff is warm and friendly, they make you feel like family. The relief I have has allowed me to reduce medication and avoid expensive cortisone shots. I highly recommend Dr. Ried and his staff!." - Melba McCarthy 

"When I came here I had a negative attitude & was ready to quit. Dr. Allen gave me more encouragement & within time I started feeling some relief. It's the first time I have completed a therapy session. I still have discomfort but, feel ability has improved. I am very satisfied with my results. " - Mary Behney 

"I was quite weak when I came in. I've appreciated the thoroughness of the treatment. Nothing was too hard but somehow I've been getting much stronger with improved balance. The one-on-one approach is superior to any other therapy practice I've visted. Thanks to a great staff!!" - Cheryl Adams 


"Dr. Ried in the few visits I had, was very helpful in getting me on a proper road to recovery from an issue that has plagued me for years. He explained the state of my condition and why I was experiencing the particular pain and stiffness in my neck, shoulders, and upper back - something that I felt has not beem explained at all as well by other PTs in the past. I feel like I have a good set of exercises and stretches to help me get better" -  Karley Adrion

"This was my first PT experience and I'm so glad it was with Dr. Ried. He took the time to thoroughly discuss my neck pain and explain the science behind his technique. It helped me to undertand the root of my pain and learned ways to manage the pain. I highly recommend Dr. Ried because he is very knowledgeable, highly trained, and has a passion of treating his patients one on one. I'm so glad I found him! " -  Carrie Nguyen

"I have been in treatment twice at Ried Physical Therapy and feel the treatment has been very effective. The treatments were for two different problems. I also think seeing different PTs and having two different views was very helpful and healing. The staff is professional and educational. Thank you" -Ellen Howard 


A Doctor of Physical Therapy will perform a thorough history and examination of your injuries in order to see if Ried Physical Therapy would benefit you.
Perhaps you have some questions and you think it would be better to speak to someone at Ried Physical Therapy first so you can be 100% sure that we can help you.
Suffered with Jaw Pain and Limitations! 
"..I felt so positive with the experience.."
Suffered with Neck and Shoulder Pain!
"..He listened to my complaint.."
Suffered with Vertigo and Hip Pain!
"..The therapy made it possible for me to return to work.."
Suffered with Knee Pain!
"..I can go up stairs, I can get in and out of the car, in fact, I can go running.."
Suffered with Back and Leg Pain!
"..I'm learning exercises I can do to keep my hip, pelvis and low back in a better position.."
Suffered with Neck Pain!
"..Physical therapy is the way to go!.."
Suffered with Neck Pain and Disc Herniation!
"..I can lift weights now, I can stand on one foot, I can walk up the stairs, and I am back at work!.."
Had Shoulder Pain and Rotator Cuff Surgery!
"..When I first came to Ried PT, I could barely move my arm. And in 5 weeks, I am back doing almost all normal activity.."


Suffered with Disk Herniation!
"..Give PT a try, you can prevent having to go into surgery as it happened with me."
Suffered with Jaw Pain!
"..I can be really independent and know how to help myself now too, so thats great!. All around 100."