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What is PainCast?

At Ried Physical Therapy, we strive to help people get back to living a fully enriched, pain-free life using a one-on-one, hands-on based approach and state of the art equipment and modalities. 

With this Podcast, we hope to discuss various topics as they relate to pain and dysfunction. We also conduct interviews with local healthcare professionals to share their experience as it relates as well and to give our patients and community more resources. 

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In Each Episode,
We Chat About:

  • What can cause pain or dysfunction
  • Things we've found helpful for people
  • Various treatment options
  • Why is conservative treatment important to try first
  • How does attitude affect the treatment and healing process
  • What does the research say

What is PainCast?

Episode 5: Sports Massage Therapist Cyril Russel-Harris with CR Massage

March 3, 2019

On this episode, Jeff and local Licensed Massage Therapist, Cyril Russel-Harris from CRMassage discuss how massage can be a great way to improve pain and muscle tension.

Episode 6: Healing the Body from the Inside-Out with Amy Gonzalez, The Holistic Dietitian 

March 11, 2019

On this episode, Jeff and Amy Gonzalez, The Holistic Dietitian discuss how diet and nutrition play a major role in living a healthy, pain-free life.