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Episode 2: How Dry Needling can Help with Pain and Dysfunction

December 13, 2018

On this episode, Dr. Ried discusses how Dry Needling is a safe and effective tool for helping people get out of pain. 

At Ried Physical Therapy, we strive to help people get back to living a fully enriched, pain-free life using a one-on-one, hands-on based approach and state of the art equipment and modalities.  

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In This Episode, We Chat About:

  • What is Dry Needling and how is it different than Acupuncture
  • The safety and effectiveness of Dry Needling 
  • What conditions does it work best for
  • What training is involved in being certified for Dry Needling
  • How electrical stimulation can be used in conjunction with Dry Needling
  • What does the research say about Dry Needling

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PainCast: Dry Needling