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Headache/Neck Pain

TMJ/Facial Surgery






Hernia Pre/Post Therapy

Prosthetic Rehab

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Scar Repair (post surgical)



Huntington's Disease

Carpal Tunnel

Chronic Fatigue



Other Orthopedic Conditions

A Doctor of Physical Therapy will perform a thorough history and examination of your injuries in order to see if Ried Physical Therapy would benefit you.
Perhaps you have some questions and you think it would be better to speak to someone at Ried Physical Therapy first so you can be 100% sure that we can help you.

Manual Therapy by Doctor of Physical Therapy: hands-on techniques performed by a physical therapist with post graduate manual therapy training

Therapeutic Massage by Licensed Massage Therapist: helps relax muscles and decrease pain

Dry Needling: use a small needle (little to no pain) to provide pain relief/relaxes muscles

Kinesio Taping: tape that can stay on for 3-5 days in order to help relieve pain, decrease swelling, correct posture, activate/deactivate muscles

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy: safe and effecient strengthening technique using cuffs to reduce venous blood flow (not arterial) that allows patients to gain muscle size and strength with 20-30% of the typical required forces and in a shorter amount of time

Traction: gentle machine that mechanically stretches muscles, decompresses discs, and relieves entrapped nerves

Soft Tissue Mobilization: techniques used to relax soft tissue that is causing pain or dysfunction

Myofascial Release: techniques used to relax the connective tissue that is causing pain or dysfunction

Iontophoresis: an effective, well-tolerated, and simple method for delivering medication across the skin using electricity

Ultrasound: a machine used to decrease swelling or increase blood flow to help healing process

Cupping: a suctioning technique using cups to help increase blood flow, decrease pain, and mobilize connective tissues

Posture Correction: techniques used to correct posture and decrease stress on muscle/joints

Stress/Breathing Techniques: techniques used to help teach the patient how to relax his/her own muscles 

Home/Work Ergonomic Assessment: helps to find the root (home/work) cause of pain or dysfunction

Nasal Skeletal Release: a treatment used for headaches, sinusitis/sinus headaches, and concussion symptoms. We are the only clinic in the DFW performing Nasal Skeletal Release

Diet/Supplement Education: information used to help target vitamin deficiency/food causes of the pain or dysfunction

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