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Star Patient of The Month

Gary has been selected as our patient of the month because he is always encouraging and staying on top of his home exercise program. Gary has such a outstanding positive outlook on life and loves to tell others about how great Ried Physical Therapy really is. 
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Past Patient Spotlights

Caitlyn T. - September 2021

Caitlyn was suffering from TMJ for nearly 6 months and was finding limited success in other treatments alone. Not knowing that physical therapy could truly help her pain, Caitlyn decided to give it a try and meet with our doctors. After consulting with Dr. Allen, she felt confident in the next steps, facing physical therapy with a commitment to reaching her goal of being pain free. After her experience at Ried Physical Therapy, she is confident that she will be able to control her pain in the future and surpass her health goals.

Audrey H. - May 2022

Audrey is a high school student who stays active and involved in extracurricular activities year round. Last summer she experienced jaw locking for several hours at a time. The problem continued and eventually got worse. Her parents had taken her to her pediatrician, dentist, orthodontist, chiropractor and a TMJ specialist before finding Ried Physical Therapy.
After a few weeks, Audrey is no longer in pain and has the tools she needs to control any flare up in the future so that she can stay focused on the things that are important to her.

Michael J. - June 2022

Michael woke up one morning in February and couldn’t move one side of his face. He was then diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, a neurological issue affecting the facial nerve on one side. He committed to physical therapy, consistently showed up, and worked diligently to improve as quickly and efficiently as possible.
As a result, Michael is well on his way to full recovery and is now independently managing symptoms with a home exercise plan. Thanks for all the hard work, Mike!

Samantha R. - October 2021

She was discouraged when first starting care and was doubtful about her ability to improve. Samantha could have decided that the 2 hour drive to get to her appointments was too much, but through consistency and determination, she saw the value of her hard work and met her goal of living without limitation. Samantha was a pleasure to work with, and watching her progress was inspiring to all therapists involved.

Elizabeth B. - November 2021

Elizabeth has been selected as November's Patient of the Month because she exemplifies all of the qualities necessary to succeed in physical therapy. With her past experience as an exercise instructor and her past participation in physical therapy, she knew that her pain would not get better on its own but that she couldn't quite help it completely with her own knowledge. She was recommended to try ASTYM therapy to help with the scar tissue in her shoulder. She found Ried Physical Therapy online and saw that Dr. Allen was certified in ASTYM Therapy. She decided to meet with Dr. Allen and felt confident in the results she could achieve working together with ASTYM combined with other techniques.

Kelly R. - December 2021

Kelly had been struggling with jaw pain for quite some time and was not finding relief with night guards, dental and orthodontic appointments, or chiropractic adjustments. She began noticing the symptoms worsen, affecting her daily routine. She was unable to even wash her face or sleep without pain. She knew she needed a change for the better and began looking for alternate treatments.

In just a few weeks, she saw a dramatic improvement in the pain levels she was feeling has has the resources she needs to maintain her pain-free jaw.

Leslie and Derrick H. - January 2022

Leslie had been dealing with pain for a while but realized it had gotten to a point where it wasn't going away on its own. She sought out physical therapy to help manage and eliminate the pain she was feeling. While in our care, her son, Derrick, encountered his own injury through football. With the care she received, she decided to get Derrick treated as well. Both Derrick and Leslie were consistent in their exercises, and made the effort to get out of pain. They made physical therapy fun for both themselves and the therapists who treated them. They always had good attitudes and were a joy to be around.

Justin T. - February 2022

Justin suffered a broken leg in an auto accident. After surgery, he thought rest and the natural healing process would get him back to normal, but it wasn't enough. As Justin started being able to put weight on his leg, he knew that he would need to make a bigger effort to get where he needed to be. After therapy, Justin has been able to get back to work, without pain!

Not only was Justin consistent in his therapy, he also utilized the accountability and mental support he found at Reid Physical Therapy to improve to better than before his injury.

Holli Y. - March 2022

Holli came to Ried Physical Therapy with significant low back pain that kept her from doing what she loved: Horseback riding. Holli knew that getting back on the horse was important to her so she sought help. After beginning physical therapy, her pain became more tolerable and she was able to eventually get back on her horse and fully return to dressage. Holli was able to be successful with rehabilitating back to her sport by committing to a plan and consistently putting in full effort every session. Holli’s PT story shows that with dedication and a team approach physical therapy can be the best choice for returning to the active lifestyle you love.

Layla G. - April 2022

Layla is a talented athlete who plays volleyball, not only within her school, but also in a club league. She suffered a knee injury in the midst of her season. After visits to several doctors, she came across Ried Physical Therapy online. She read about the sports rehab options offered and made the decision to meet with a Doctor of Physical Therapy.

With an individualized plan of care, she soon found herself progressing through therapy quickly. She learned the importance of body mechanics with each sport-specific movement as well as proper techniques to avoid injury and continue playing her sport safely.

Sarah Y. - July 2022

Sarah faced minor back injuries in 2021 and thought she had them corrected with chiropractic care. In 2022, her back gave out on a trip and kept her from participating in her favorite hobby, Ballroom Dancing. She was told the only option was surgery but rather than give in to that option, she searched for anything else she could do to avoid it. She found Ried Physical Therapy and put in the effort to fix her back pain. She was also able to obtain the tools necessary to take care of herself at home.

Adam P. - September 2022

When Adam first started working with us he had a physical presentation that we see commonly but was affecting him in a unique way. Adam is a marching band athlete/artist, and thus places higher demands on his body than the average person. Adam also has high goals of advancing his musical career and knew that he had to get his back pain taken care of to ensure success in the future. Adam consistently came in ready to get to work, and put forth maximum effort in each session and as a result of his diligence was able to totally resolve his back pain. Adam is now ready to take on the physical rigors of university-level marching band and has all the tools he needs to make sure his back pain stays away. We wish Adam the best of luck in starting on his collegiate journey, go UTA Mavericks!

Lisa M. - August 2022

From day one Lisa showed extreme dedication to her treatment with us. Beyond dedication to not missing her appointments, her home exercises, and her willingness to always work hard in PT; Lisa always brought a level of optimism, and positive attitude to each visit. No matter the circumstances Lisa exuded cheerfulness and joy and rarely let any frustration bring her down. Her positive attitude and dedication and trust in the PT process allowed her to make the progress that she did and why she is our patient spotlight.

Barbara M. - October 2023

Barbara came to us as a referral from her pain management doctor who knew we were the best option to get her out of pain and back to living a normal life. Barbara recommends giving physical therapy a try and allow it some time to fully work. Physical therapy really helped her be pain free, so she could expierence her life to the fullest. She was happy with her care and she now has the tools to use at home. Barbara was very active in her care and has been selected as our patient of the month because she didn't let anything get in the way of her health. She was consistent in staying on top of her treatment and her home program. Barbara's determination led to her success in physical therapy.