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What Past Patients Have To Say!

All workshop attendees will receive Dr. Ried's, "Knee Pain Solution" E-book for Free.


Free Knee and Hip Pain Workshop

Refreshments will be provided


  • The biggest mistake that people make with knee and hip pain that actually makes the pain worse.
  • The reason you have had knee and hip pain for so long and how to avoid it from getting worse.
  • The 4 most common causes of knee and hip pain and how to get rid of knee and hip pain without shots or surgery.

Do you suffer with knee or hip pain when you stand or walk? 

Do you have pain when you sit for long periods or drive? 

Do you experience pain, numbness or tingling into your butt, groin or down your leg? 

Does your knee/hip ever “go out” if you move the wrong way? 

Are you afraid your pain will get worse if you don’t do anything about it?


If you have answered YES to any of the above questions - the Free Knee and Hip Pain Workshop may be a life-changing event for you.



"The therapy has been great for improving my mobility and reducing the pain I felt after my injury to very minimal levels. Dr. Ried and his staff have done an excellent job helping me through the process and improving my understanding of how to maintain my body to prevent further issues and mitigate any pain."
                                                                   - Daniel S.

"I have attended PT sessions twice a week for several weeks. It has greatly improved my right knee so that I am able to walk without pain. Ried Physical Therapy gives me exercises that I am able to do at home. They teach me at the office and follow up that I do them correctly. That is important."

- Stella B.

Attention Knee and Hip Pain Sufferers!

Free Knee and Hip Pain Workshop reveals how to heal knee and hip pain for good without surgery or shots