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    7 Faces of Neck Pain

    1. Muscle Pain and Spasm

      1. Aching or sore muscles in the neck or shoulder can be due to overexertion, prolonged activity, or even being in prolonged sedentary positions. Undue physical or emotional stress also cannot be ignored as a contributing factor as a cause for muscle pain or spasms in the neck. You may feel hard “knots” that can be tender to palpation, or tight.

    2. Headaches

      1. When experiencing a headache that is related to neck pain, it is usually felt in the back of the head and upper neck. This area is called the sub occipital region, and is usually tender to the touch and stiff. Headaches are usually more prominently felt on one side, but depending on severity both sides can be affected. Certain activities and postures can exacerbate symptoms, increasing stiffness and reduced range of motion

    3. Disc Issues

      1. Between each vertebra of the cervical spine lies a disc, which is a gel-like cushiony substance that allows movement and helps stabilize the neck. The discs act as shock absorbers that begin to break down over time, which increasing neck stiffness, and narrowing of the spinal canal. Nerve roots become pinched that can cause radiating pain

    4. Arthritis

      1. “Age-related changes” do occur over time. Arthritis in the cervical spine is very common. Bone spurs for example may develop

    5. Stress

      1. Psychosocial factors such as stress, anxiety, and low moral support have been linked to neck pain. Tension and stress that builds affects the neck muscles making them feel stiff and achy. As these muscles tighten and stiffen up it increases the tension in the neck, reduced range of motion, and even a “tension headache.” Though stress is not the likely cause of neck pain, stress influences how pain is felt, and can make pain feel worse.

    6. Nerve Pain

      1. When the nerves branching from our spinal cord become irritated, inflamed, or pinched, it can cause sharp pain, and a pins and needles type of sensation. Depending on the spinal nerve root involved it can cause radiating symptoms down the arm or into the hand. Muscle weakness or numbness in shoulder, arm, or hand may also occur.

    7. TMJ 

      1. Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ) can cause referred pain to the neck, shoulders, or even in the form of  headaches. Inflammation occurring at the joint can spread along the nerves and muscles outside of the jaw, into around the head. Head, neck, and face pain alongside TMJ symptoms within the jaw are very common. Misalignment of the disc in the TMJ, arthritis, inflammation, stress or anxiety, jaw clenching or grinding are all related to TMJ symptoms. Poor posture of the forward head and rounded shoulders can also be a factor in neck and TMJ pain.

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