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    Get Ready for Some Fun in the Sun

    The sun is shining and there is not a cloud in the sky.  It’s important we are ready for all the adventures summer will bring. Kids soccer and little league games are in full swing, the swimming pool is starting to feel just right, and it is the perfect time to go out on a nice walk. It is important that we remain physically prepared for those summer days spent with friends, and family. There are very simple tips to remain safe this summer, without compromising on any fun.

    1. It's ok to modify: Know your limits. Sometimes limiting time out in the sun, shortening distance walked, or moving a little slower can help prolong your summer fun days with friends and family. Overdoing an activity can make you more prone to injury. Knowing your limits and physical capabilities is the best way to stay safe this summer.

    2. Think about safety: carrying your ID with emergency contact information in case any situation arises. Keeping your cell phone handy and a small amount of cash on hand will be important. If you are going to be out alone let others know where you are going and when you will be back.

    3. Know the signs of heat related illness: Some signs of heat related illness are heavily sweating, pale/clammy skin, change in pulse rate, dizziness, weak, muscle cramps and nausea and vomiting are some of the tell-tale signs that you need to get out of the heat and into a shady area. This can easily turn into a medical emergency if not addressed immediately.

    4. Wear the right clothing: Wearing loose fitting, breathable, lightweight clothing will be best. Light colored clothing will help reflect the heat the best. Protect your eyes and head with sunglasses and a hat.

    5. Stay hydrated: it is important to skip the alcohol and caffeine when you are going to be out in the sun for a few hours. Having plenty of water, and sports drinks handy will be important to stay well hydrated and replace any electrolyte loss through sweat.

    6. Sturdy Chair: think ahead what the seating may be like. If you need to bring your own lawn chair to watch a soccer game, or t-ball game, make sure it is sturdy and not low to the ground. This will allow you to sit and stand more easily.

    7. Go earlier or later in the day if possible: avoid being out when the day is at its hottest. Mid-afternoon is usually the hottest part of the day, and when the sun is the most unforgiving. Mid to late morning, or when the sun begins to set is the time of day when it is a little cooler and will be able to accomplish more.

    Would You Like To See A Physical Therapist For Free?

    We know that sometimes people want more than just a few tips. That’s why we offer expert advice about the worry and frustration of life-changing aches and pains through a FREE conversation with one of our Physical Therapists.

    Here are a few things you will experience in one of our free Discovery Visits

    1. A Doctor of Physical Therapy will perform a thorough history and examination of your injuries in order to see if Ried Physical Therapy would benefit you.  

    2. You will work 1-on-1 with a physical therapist for your entire visit.  

    3. An assessment of your home, sport, or work environment in order to locate the causes of your pains.

    Our Discovery Visits are great for anyone that may be “unsure” if physical therapy is right for them, and they give you the opportunity to ask questions and see for yourself if we can help you.   

    If you would like to speak with one of our physical therapists about what we can do for you, please contact our office at (817) 380-8077 and ask for a Discovery Visit appointment.

    We’re Here To Help…   

    If you’re in pain and would like to talk to us about getting some help, some specialist advice, or if you are looking for a diagnosis, remember we are always here to help you…. and we’re offering you the chance to have your first session with a physical therapist for FREE (with a discovery visit).   

    If you would like to book a discovery visit, please contact our office at (817) 380-8077 or select the “Get Started” menu option at the top of this webpage.


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